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What is Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work is a cloud based productivity suite providing email and a myriad of tools which promote collaboration, flexibility and enhance work efficiency. As Google Apps is hosted in the cloud, it experiences virtually zero down time, this coupled with the fact that it is developed and run by Google ensures constant feature updates and upgrades.
Google Apps allows you to use your own domain for hosting such as, appear more professional by utilizing your domain in your email.

Collaboration & Efficiency

Google Apps allows employees to work on documents and spreadsheets from any part of the world, and from virtually any connected device. The collaboration features allow multiple people to view and modify documents simultaneously in real life. Notifications on changes can be sent, and suggestions can be made but not executed if required.

Google Apps also features Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts allows users to collaborate via voice and video from any connected device such as Smart Phones and laptops. Google Hangouts can replace real meetings by hosting multiple participants and even allowing users to share their screens with others.

Cost Cutting & Time Saving

Google Apps for Work is hosted in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to pay for expensive hardware and software maintenance. Save time by freeing up your IT resources, time wasted on patching, upgrades and maintenance can now be allocated to different areas.


Google Drive functions as a complete document back up solution. Any files placed in the Google Drive folder will automatically sync to the cloud and will become available on any connected device. As a bonus, Google Drive saves file revisions, so you can easily backtrack changes if required, even if you’ve saved over that document.


Google Apps allows organisations to easily terminate accounts and even remotely wipe phones if required. Google Apps also supports two-step authentication which requires users to authenticate their login with an SMS or Mobile App token.


Simplify your move to the cloud with eGenius

The migration to Google Apps for Business from platforms such as Microsoft Exchange can be a painful and extremely risky process. In many cases, the heart of a business’ informational foundation lays within their mail server. A slight error can result in the loss of thousands of important emails, documents and calendar entries.

eGenius has helped many businesses with the migration to Google Apps from a wide range of platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and self-hosted C-Panel systems. Being a certified Google Apps reseller, you can rely on us to ensure a clean and pain free migration to Google Apps.

More Advantages of Google Apps

Access from most connected devices

Google Apps allows users to access the suite using virtually any internet connected device such as Android or IOS tablets and phones. Being web based, users can connect to their accounts using any internet connected computer.

Chat, Video Conferencing & Screen Sharing

Google Apps features a built in chat system tied into each user account. No need having to maintain a Lync server or deploy chat software, everything is available from with Google Apps.


Google Apps also features Google Hangouts, a voice and video conferencing system allowing users to communicate from colleagues within the organisation, and outside of the organisation. Google Hangouts also allows users to share their screens with others.

Eliminate Email software and Hardware

Your IT team can finally rejoice. Save hundreds, if not thousands of hours on hardware maintenance and software updates. No need for any server to run Google Apps. Users simply connect using their mobile devices or web browsers.

Work from anywhere

Access your emails, calendar and documents from any web browser or the Google Apps mobile apps for Android and IOS devices. Out on the road and need to contact a colleague or client, it’s all possible with Google Apps.

Less IT requests

Feeling tired of asking the IT guy for software updates, patches and upgrades? Simply hit the refresh button on your web browser or update your mobile app to receive the latest and greatest updates and implementations to Google Apps.

Live collaboration

Google Drive allows users to share documents in just a few seconds. Users can manage share permissions, add comments to documents, chat from within the document and even make changes simultaneously in real time!

Quality Support

eGenius provides 24/7 phone support for any critical, business impacting issues which may arise. For all other queries, eGenius is able to respond within 24 hours via email.

No more patches

Updates to Google Apps are automatically implemented, allowing your IT team to focus on the more important tasks, such as focusing on more important security risks or providing support to your users.

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