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What is Cloud?

The Cloud is a term used to describe a powerful network of interconnected servers located in ‘The Cloud’, a location or generally multiple locations spanning across large geographic areas and even continents. These¬†interconnected systems provide supreme redundancy due to constant back ups. Cloud systems are even immune from physical destruction as data centers are generally replicated to other data centers.

Cloud Systems also allow for fast online services across the world due to the usage of CDN’s (Content Delivery Networks). These networks provided aggregated data access, so if a user is using Google Apps in Sydney, they’ll be communicating to the most local servers, located in Australia, instead of accessing remote servers located in the US.

One of the main benefits of Cloud systems is cost and time savings. Cloud systems such as Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are completely hosted within the Cloud, meaning that time spent on hardware and software maintenance, patching and updates are nearly completely minimised.

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